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Willow was in his tree soundly asleep,
‘Till he heard the sound of bells he woke up to have a peep,

He gazed up to the twinkling stars in the Christmas sky,
With his sleepy eye,

To see a sleigh up above with 9 reindeers,
Then a big silver beard and Santa appears!

‘HO HO HO’ Willow could hear Santa say,
‘We must be quick, we’re only halfway!’

And off they went disappearing into the night,
But wait, what’s that falling under the moonlight?

Willow got up from his tree and flew as fast as he could,
Only to catch a present for a child who had been good.

‘Oh no’ said Willow as he looked around,
However, Santa and the reindeers were not to be found.

Willow looked at the present and didn’t know what to do,
Then he spotted an address, and away he flew.

It was dark, it was cold and it was nearly Christmas day,
Willow began to think, was he even going the right way?

Then he spotted the house on a street to his right,
And flew down the chimney only to get a fright!

There was Santa! Scratching his head, he looked confused,
Then he saw Willow with the present and looked amused.

‘This fell from your sleigh’ said Willow with a big smile,
‘Well well well’ said Santa, ‘that was a long journey; I better make it worth your while!’

‘Let me give you a ride home’ as they went outside and waiting was Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen,
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen!

Off they went away in the snow,
The reindeers were so fast they just would not slow!

Before he knew it Willow was back at his tree,
And Santa said ‘thank you for helping me’.

He reached into his sleigh and pulled a present out,
‘Now you didn’t think we’d forget about you’ as he winked and set off and about.

Willow unwrapped his present to find a bow tie,
And the message read ‘to Santa’s newest little helper who lives in the sky’

Merry Christmas, Love Santa x


Helps up to 1,000 vulnerable children and young carers a year through their fantastic outreach support and respite breaks. With your support they are also able to visit up to 3,000 children with their Playbus community days.

10% of every purchase of Willow this Christmas will be donated to the charity to help them continue their wonderful work into 2020.


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